"As If Women Mattered takes me vividly back to my own experiences in the early second-wave women's movement and, in its characters' lives, highlights many of the dynamics and issues that made those years so fascinating, so fraught and so fruitful. Thank you especially, Ginny DeLuca, for following the ongoing friendship between these four women over time."

~Wendy Sanford, cofounder and coauthor,
Our Bodies, Ourselves

“Virginia DeLuca’s captivating novel, As If Women Mattered, fuses compelling social drama with page-turning storytelling. Four women, whose consciousness-raising group becomes a life-long, life-saving family of the heart, wrestle with marriage, motherhood, careers and sex, during a time when no one knew the rules anymore, and it was all up for grabs. The entwined stories of these women will keep you up way past midnight, experiencing the extraordinary era when women rose up and found their voices, and each other.”

~Randy Susan Meyers, International Bestselling Author of
The Murderer's Daughters and The Comfort of Lies

What Readers are Saying

"What a deeply satisfying book - one I hated to finish yet know I'll revisit again. DeLuca's portrait of four women coming of age in the wildly changeable days of the early seventies is both tenderly intimate yet powerfully revealing of the huge cultural changes that impacted everything from relationships to institutions. The details of the sixties, seventies and beyond will have readers my age nodding in recognition, but I'm also excited for younger readers who will have a singular opportunity to have a fresh (and far-out!) glimpse of the issues and times of their mothers' tie-dyed days. As If Women Mattered is a terrific lens into a time of unprecedented social change, yet is also a timeless story of mothers and daughters and the sustaining and transforming gift of friendship."

~ Diane Butkus

"What a joy this book is to read! Deluca takes the reader on a journey from the 1970s to the present following the lives of four women. It is an important read for my generation of women (twenties and thirties), providing nitty-gritty context for the historical women's movement as we grapple with current challenges of work and family and our place in the world. I highly recommend this work!"

~ Hannah Thomas

"I loved this book! It it a page-turner! Such a compelling and gorgeous mix of character development and plot threaded through an incredible time in history. You won't be disappointed!"

~  Victor Gould